In close collaboration with selected venues we will happily set up the stage, arrange for Recording Engineers/Pro Tool Operators and the final mixdown.

Flexible in every way imaginable, our lineups can be booked seperately or collectively. Additional instruments on demand - just let us know what you need.

Recommended Venues:

  • Synchron Stage Vienna

  • ORF TV Studios (Radiokulturhaus)

  • Casino Baumgarten Studios

  • MutH (Vienna Boys Choir Venue)

  • Konzerthaus

  • Musikverein


Disney's Fantasia, Frozen in Concert, Best of John Williams, MTV Unplugged - five years of fully booked concert halls can't be a coincidence. 

Our orchestra musicians were educated at the most prestigious music universities in the world and will be selected by our team according to the "tone" of your concert. Maintaining the highest standards & consistent quality is our utmost priority.


Corporate events are quite often the pinnacle of the social year for most businesses, thus it is very important to get the entertainment right. It creates excitement and actively engages your audience. 

In the heart of classical music, Vienna, the Max Steiner Orchestra offers film & videogame music recordings, as well as live concerts and accompaniment for corporate events. At the highest quality and competitively priced, we are a full service provider - feel free to contact us with any request.

MSO Strings

(50 musicians)

14 First Violins
12 Second Violins

10 Violas

8 Celli

6 Bass

MSO Woodwinds

(12 musicians)

Flute I-III (Piccolo, Alt)
Oboe I-III (English Horn)
Clarinet I-III (Bass clarinet)
Bassoon I-III (Contrabassoon)


MSO Brass

(15 musicians)

Horn I-VI
Trumpet I-IV (Bass trumpet)
Clarinet I-III (Bass clarinet)
Trombone I-IV (Bass trombone)
Tuba I

MSO Choir


Full Symphony Orchestra

Large Symphony Orchestra

Medium Symphony Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra

Music preparation (collating/printing) also available. 

MSO Full Symphony Orchestra

(98 musicians)

Strings 16/16/14/12/6

Flute I-III
Oboe I-III
Clarinet I-III
Bassoon I-III
Horn I-IV
Trumpet I-IV
Trombone I-IV
Tuba I
Percussion I-IV /Timpani
Harp & Piano

MSO Medium Symphony Orchestra

(49 musicians)

Strings (10/8/6/4/2)

Flute I-II
Oboe I-II
Clarinet I-II
Bassoon I-II
Horn I-II
Trumpet I-II
Trombone I-II
Tuba I
Harp & Piano

MSO Large Symphony Orchestra

(78 musicians)

Strings 14/12/10/8/4

Flute I-III
Oboe I-III
Clarinet I-III
Bassoon I-III
Horn I-IV
Trumpet I-IV
Trombone I-IV
Tuba I
Percussion I-II /Timpani
Harp & Piano

MSO Chamber Orchestra

(13 musicians)

String quintet

Flute I
Oboe I
Clarinet I
Bassoon I
Horn I
Trumpet I
Trombone I
Tuba I

Different genres of music have different associations, may it be classical music for formal dinners or a DJ to generate an uptempo vibrant feel to your event - here at MSO we come up with creative solutions for any occasion you can think of, such as:

  • Congresses

  • Graduation Ceremonies

  • Store Openings

  • Christmas Parties

  • and many more

Performing classical & film music for recording sessions and live orchestral concerts